Our thoughts create our reality, right down to the very last detail. And that is all about energy. . .

To manipulate energy, to pull the forces into and through yourself, is the best way to clear your head and help you concentrate on the positive and breathe. This little personal ritual works to begin the day, or end the night, whenever you need to feel the connection. Here’s the method.

Call the quarters. Take 8 deep diaphramic breaths. Feel the breath all the way to the bottom of your core. Feel your tummy move. Exhale fully and forcefully after each deep breath. Exchange all of the old breath and energy for the fresh. Here are the basics, embellish as you wish.

Next: Face the East. With palms facing east say:
Chatelaines of the east, Power of air!
I am your child, blow through me!

Face the South. With palms facing south say:
Chatelaines of the south, Power of fire!
I am you child, ignite me!

Face the West. With palms facing west say:
Chatelaines of the west, Power of water!
I am your child, flow over me!

Face the North. With palms facing north say:
Chatelaines of the north, Power of earth!
I am your child, ground me!

Now become the Center. With palms facing the heavens say:
Chatelaines of the Center, place of the universe, keepers of the Mysteries!
I am your child, enlighten me!

Now, with palms facing your body, lift the energy of the earth from the ground or the floor through your body. Envision the force of the universe that connects all things entering the soles of your feet, moving up through ankles, shins, calves, knees, thighs. Feel each of the centers of power move into motion. Up through your pelvis, intestine, belly, lungs, diaphragm, & heart. Then, into your shoulders, up and back through your arms, into the throat. Yell or sing or vocalize if you need or want to. Then, still pushing into your head and sinuses, and you physical brain. Push the energy out of the crown on top of your head. Feel it. With arms still stretched to the outer limits, now, pull the light in and mix it with the loving earth energy. Feel the balance and the flow that you have created between the worlds. Peace.

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