Cinderella’s Lament

After watching “Into the Woods” this weekend, I give you my interpretation from 1995

Cinderella’s Lament 1995
the maid is sleeping
the baby is weeping
and blood is seeping
through the cracks of
my womb.

the milk is not flowing
the babe is not growing
and i’ve no way of knowing
if my bed is
my tomb.

the prince is not charming
my life he is harming
and the sound is alarming
coming from the
maid’s room.

first they are speaking
i know what he’s seeking
my goddess, she’s shrieking
the blackness of midnight speaks of
her doom.

and now he is coming
self-satisfied and humming
his footfall is drumming
outside my chamber quick in
the gloom.

prince charming is gaping
we women, he’s raping
there is no escaping,
please listen, Rapunzel, just stay in
your room!

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