In 1988, I began a long process. That was: to live an enlightened life. I am still in the process. Back then, I wanted stability, room for my family, and a career that would sustain me into my dotage. I also wanted to be able to always do the WORK [spiritual work, activist work, and craft work] that pushes me from the back of my head without having to worry how I would make an actual wage. The wage work would have to be separate, yet compatible, with everything else. Many of you know how I’ve achieved that, to this point, but I’m going to leave it for now.
I was in the middle of a very big transition back in 1988. I left Christianity after reading the great works available by feminist religious studies writers. Margot Adler, Carol Christ, Merlin Stone, Monica Sjoo, Starhawk, Mary Daly, Riane Eisler, Marija Gimbutas, Judith Plaskow, just to name a few, changed my outlook, made me come out of the Goddess’ broom closet, and caused me to rethink everything.
At the same time, I was introduced to paying attention to positive thinking – the Law of Attraction – as written and taught by Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind during the first half of the twentieth-century. From Holmes, I moved on to read Louise Hay, a pastor in The Church of Religious Science. Her book, You Can Heal Your Life, really changed my thinking about myself. Several of us got together for “Mastermind” meetings. These meetings and learning how to use positive thinking and the Law of Attraction have allowed me to be right where I am. I know this works. I still use the methods and while I am quite happy with my life, there are always improvements that can and must be made.
In my estimation, working in a group is a very powerful and meaningful way to MitH, “Make it Happen.” Magickal manifesting is not a secret for the few nor does the technique and method take years to learn and apply. Each of us can begin TODAY. I am personally working on my health and strength/stamina for the near future. However, the power happens when we join our individual forces in a group. Everyone’s intentions and wishes are exponentially more intense.
This, then, as said above, is my invitation to you to come and join an inaugural group to raise our vibrational levels, think good thoughts, and get what we all want and need from our own lives while adding to the universal work of healing Humankind. This group will have room for 8 participants and myself. This is first come, first placed. We’ll begin around my kitchen table and as the weather warms, we’ll move outside to the Goddess tent and fill our lungs with fresh air and the sound of the ocean on still days.